Creates video conference with 3 participants seeing each others
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  • Can any other 3rd person record our video chat?
    Although this is provided as a free download, the application is using encryption protocols to secure the communication between users when they voice... Read more
  • Is Conferendo available for Windows phone?
    No, the application is not available for Windows phone. It was released for Android and iOS operating systems from Google and Apple, respectively. If you... Read more


With Conferendo you can do video Calls One-on-One, group video conference with 3 participants seeing each others, and broadcasting for up to 20 other users.
Special mode for distance learning and online education, in which the lecturer sees and hears up to 16 students, whom in their turn, see and hear only the lecturer.
Other features: Screen Sharing, Slide Show, Whiteboard, File Transfer. Secure connection and encrypted traffic.

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